The Last Star Book Review

Hey all,

Two blog posts in one day!!! Crazy! I have a very long summer reading list, and plan to review all of the books…I find I have a hard time moving into a new book if I have a review to write about the previous book, so I’m getting these done. 🙂

Please remember these are just my opinions. If they differ from yours, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Our differences in opinions make us who we are. Embrace it. 🙂

I tried my best to avoid spoilers. It might be best to read the book before this review because it is difficult to review it without spoiling.

The Last Star
Rick Yancey
May 24, 2016

This is the final book in the 5th Wave series and I can honestly say, I LOVED IT. Yes, there were flaws, but I looked past them and saw a story about humanity and people pushing through, farther than they ever thought  they could possibly go.

I don’t want spoil, but it takes a lot of courage for an author to end a series the way Rick Yancey ended this series and as sad as I was reading it, I love how realistic and heartbreaking it was. Good stories don’t always have the happiest endings and I hope throughout my writing career, I am brave enough to make choices in my story that might not sit well with every reader, because in the end it makes the story better.

Every character in this book had a place. The development of each of them was truly great and I felt like, more than ever, each character had a unique and honest voice.

The one issue I had with this book, (I am going to re-read to see if maybe I just read too quickly), was I felt like some of the questions weren’t fully answered. I think i understand the invasion but I’m not 100% sure I fully got it. A lot went down in the final pages, and it might have just went over my head.

The writing is beautiful in this. I realize it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I felt like every sentence was unique and enticing. I love that about Yancy’s style in this series.

The Last Star was entertaining, funny, sad, irritating…a mix of emotions that wrapped up this series beautifully. I don’t want to write much else in fear of completely spoiling it. Read this one, it’s worth it.

Hello, Earth.
So this is how God sees you, sparkling blue against the dullest black. No wonder he made you. No wonder he made the sun and the stars so he could see you.




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