Switching Genres

Hi all,

Can you write in different genres? Are your readers going to be confused and furious if your first few novels were romance and all of a sudden the new novel is a horror story?

A lot of this might come down to traditional vs self publishing. I’ve chosen to self publish, so this might be a little bias.

My simple answer? I don’t think you’re going to sell books because you stick to one genre or you jump around in genres. You’re going to sell books because you’re story is good. Your readers are smart. They will pick up your book, read the synopsis and decide whether they want to read it. They probably won’t shun it automatically, just because it’s in a different genre than your other books. Not all readers stick to one genre, and many people, myself included, like a variety of stories as long as they are compelling.

If you’re not interested in dipping into other genres, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some people have a million ideas in their head, and they all fall into the same genre.

If you’re like me, and you have a million stories floating in your head that aren’t all necessarily in one genre, it changes the game. I think if I forced myself to write in the same genre over and over, I would lose creativity and my stories would start sounding the same.

If you love your genre and you’re good at it, keep going. If you like change, switch it up. Follow your own path, rather than the path someone tells you to follow. Write a good book, market yourself well, and readers will find you, regardless of your genre.

Until next time-



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