5 Things I Won’t Be Doing In 2017

Hello everybody!

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I was completely unsuccessful this year. In fact, 2016 was a fantastic year for my personal and writing life. I was laid off from one job and was able to find another in a matter of months. I celebrated 1 full year of marriage with the love of my life. We traveled to Texas and met some really awesome people. I won NaNoWriMo again. Those are just some of the highlights, and I can say I’m proud of the accomplishments I made this year.

That being said, I failed at the one goal I set for myself…and that was to finish and publish this book. My long term goal is to be a full time author, and make a career out of the one thing I am most passionate about. Unfortunately, like many other people, I tend to get in my own way.

Here are 5 things I won’t be doing in 2017 (which will hopefully yield a book for you to read! 🙂 )

1. I Won’t Wait For Inspiration.

You need to be inspired to write…right?


I think many writers fall into the “writer’s block” trap. Writer’s block is all in your head. If you’re feeling “uninspired” or “blocked,” it’s important that you just sit down and write anyway. I have fallen victim to this all year long. I don’t feel inspired, then I feel intimidated, and all of a sudden it has been days since I last wrote a sentence.

How do I plan to overcome this? I’m setting up a writing schedule. I will be writing for a minimum of 1 hour a night during the week, and a minimum of 2 hours Saturday. If I write more than my minimum, great, but regardless of how inspired I feel, I will be writing something down every night. I feel like this is what I need. I’ve always been a procrastinator and I need to make writing nightly a habit.

As far as the blog is concerned, I am going to make a conscious effort to create two blog posts a week – this will be separate from my nightly writing time. I want this blog to grow, so that when my book is released, I have another platform to interact with people already set up.

2. I Won’t Be Afraid To Write Crap.

This goes hand in hand with number one. One of my biggest downfalls is being afraid to write garbage. I focus too hard on writing perfectly, instead of just getting my thoughts down onto paper. I think this brings about the writer’s block.

I need to leave the editing behind – I can’t spend my nights re-reading things I wrote and nit-picking through the words. This is why we call our first few times through the story “drafts.” A draft is not supposed to be perfect – the editing is something that should be done later.

How do I plan to overcome this fear? I will forego my minimum writing goal on Sundays, and spend time editing. This will allow me to get the editing out of my system, and it will also allow me to focus on just writing during the week. If I know I will have time to edit, I hopefully won’t feel the need to edit as I go.

3. I Won’t Make Excuses  

There might be some, but most writers, wrote their novels while other crazy life things were happening. Moms write. Dads write. Full-time workers write. No one is going to listen to excuses. This step is for anyone trying to accomplish anything in the new year – you’re not going to get sympathy from people because your life is “hard.” Using the excuse that you have a full time job, you’re too tired, you have kids, etc. to justify why you’re not accomplishing your goals is only going to make 2017 a failure.

How do I plan to overcome this? I guess there isn’t a physical step I can take. This is going to be something I have to mentally get myself into the habit of. I think forcing myself to write nightly and not be afraid to write crap will help immensely in this. I just need to suck it up. If this is what I truly want to do with my life (and it is!), then I need to make it happen. Excuses are only going to hold me back.

4. I Won’t Let My Inner Critic Win

I don’t think you have to be a writer to understand this one either. If you’re going after any goal, you’ve probably had your inner critic unleash his/her hell-fire on your self-esteem. I am the first one to admit, I beat the crap out of myself sometimes. There are nights, I sit and stare at my computer, wondering why I am wasting my time – all the while, my inner critic is telling me I have no talent, and no one is going  to like anything I write.

My father has told me my whole life that not everyone is going to like you or what you do and it shouldn’t bother you. There isn’t much you can do to change someone’s opinion of you. It is what it is.

How do I plan to overcome this? I’m going to need to remind myself daily, that I am talented and I can do this. I think this is another mental thing. I refuse to be the reason I don’t live the life I want to. I’ve wanted to be a full time writer my whole life. Now is the time to make this happen.

5. I Won’t Wait For Affirmation From Others

The hard truth about being a writer, or a creative person, is that no one cares during the process of creating said creative thing. The average person doesn’t care about the process of painting/writing/photographing/etc – they only care about the results (if they even care at all). A person who doesn’t like to read, surely isn’t going to care about the writing process and probably won’t give a hoot about your finished product. A person who loves to read but doesn’t write, isn’t going to care too much about your process either.

I know the people in my life love me, and I actually have quite a few supportive friends and family members who ask me on a semi-regular basis how I am doing, and quite often read my blog posts…but they aren’t writers, and a lot of times, me rambling about my process/hardships/successes just doesn’t hold their attention. And I can’t blame them for that.

How do I plan to overcome this? I think I need to make some writer friends. Join some sort of group or something. NaNoWriMo is a good place to start – I know people still frequent the boards during the off months. I need to get over being shy and put myself out there. It’s called networking and it’s worth it to involve myself in the writing world a bit more.



All I Want For Christmas Tag

Hello everyone!

THREE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS! I thought it would be fun to do another tag. I will be using movie, TV, and books to answer these questions.

I tag anyone who wants to participate!

All I Want For Christmas


1) What fictional character do you want Santa to leave under your Christmas tree?
I’m going to go with a TV character for this one because I haven’t actually read the books…Damon Salvatore.
I don’t think I need much more of an explanation.

2) What character do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
I feel like it would be cheating to answer Damon Salvatore for this question again, even if it’s the most accurate answer I could give. I guess for this question, I’ll go with Peta!
Team Peta forever ❤

3) You write your Christmas list for Santa, what are the top 5 books on it?

4) It’s secret Santa at Hogwarts, what do you most want to receive?
I want the invisibility cloak so I can sneak around Hogwarts.

5) You get to the spend the day with the characters and movie adaptation actors from one fandom, what do you pick?
It’s probably cheating if I pick the Vampire Diaries cast because I already answered the first question with Damon Salvatore…but I’m going to cheat. It would be so cool to hang out with that cast. (The cast would have to include Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan because it wouldn’t be a Vampire Diaries hang out without Elena and Klaus.)

6) What fictional animal would you like to replace Rudolph and be able to meet on your roof?
I really can’t think of an answer for this…

7) You invite 10 fictional characters to your new years eve party, who do you pick?
Damon Salvatore (For when the clock strikes midnight) (Yes, I know I used him 3 times in this tag.)
Evelyn Kingston (If you haven’t read Eve: The Awakening yet, you need to. I just think she needs a party after what she went through haha.)
Effie Trinket (Hunger Games…Best dressed!)
Dean Winchester (He would be a blast…and he’d keep the ghosts away!)
Thor (Because, why not?)
Fred & George Weasley (To keep the party interesting)
Alice & Jasper Cullen (If you’re going to invite Twilight characters, might as well invite the interesting ones!)
Garcia (Criminal Minds…I feel like she would be best friends with Effie)

8) What character would make a good Santa?
Dobbey! ….I know he doesn’t look like Santa, but his personality totally fits.


Well, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed answering it. Please let me know if you do the tag – I’d love to read/watch your answers.

Not sure I will have time to post again until next week so, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend with your families. ❤

Until next time!


Independence Day: Resurgence – Movie Review

Hello again! Tonight, I’m reviewing Independence Day: Resurgence. I have to start off by saying how excited I was to see this movie. If you couldn’t tell from my review yesterday, I absolutely loved the original. Of course, I went into this stoked but also cautious because we’ve all seen Hollywood try to re-make or sequel originals and fail hard. I was pretty optimistic about this though.

**This review might contain some spoilers. It definitely will spoil the original. Please consider watching both movies before reading these reviews…unless you don’t care. 🙂

This movie takes place 20 years after the original movie. We defeated the aliens and then used their technology to revamp our own. We now have super high tech anti-alien protection technology. I found this concept believable. If aliens invaded and we won, we would probably use the technology left over to advance our own and better prepare ourselves in case it ever happened again.

The first on my list of disappointments with this movie is the fact that Will Smith is not in this.


He is mentioned, but I found it incredibly disappointing because his character was so FANTASTIC in the original. Seeing the entire cast together again would have been phenomenal. I also found it kind of cheap the way they wrote him out. It would have been cooler if they had found a way to make it possible for him to return to future movies.

As far as acting goes, I don’t feel this movie hit its mark. Liam Hemsworth was sub-par, and so were the other “younger generation” soldiers fighting the aliens. Unlike in the original, I felt myself trying to remember who was who because there wasn’t a whole lot of character development going on in. I found myself not caring when I should, not laughing when I should…the impact of the dialogue was forgettable.

The original cast of characters saved the day in my opinion. Seeing Jeff Goldbum, Bill Pullman, and Brent Spiner were fantastic. It was fun to see them playing these roles again.

Continuing on with my complaints on characters, there were SO MANY kids introduced and I felt like they had no purpose. There were 3 (or 4?) kids who lost their mom, and eventually joined up with David’s (Jeff Goldbum) father…and I am still trying to figure out what their purpose in the movie was. I guess they had a purpose, and I don’t want to spoil it, but I think there were a million other ways to reunite David and his father without bringing in more characters I didn’t really care about.

This movie relied heavily on special effects, which were cool in their own right, but I have to be completely honest…the entire thing felt like a remake, rather than a sequel. The same alien race returned, and characters died off in similar ways to the original, hell there was even a dog that almost got killed and was saved at the last minute.


I wanted to love this movie. There are some redeeming qualities. I really liked that we were able to dig a little deeper into the aliens and why they were invading. We even got to see a bit of how they lived on the ship. I was a fan of the special effects…and I think it’s mostly because I find it really awesome that they are able to make things look so real. Sure, it was pretty reliant on them, but it was still cool to look at.

All in all, I think they could have tried a bit harder to make this movie different from the original. Using the same cookie cutter plot was a mistake and I think that’s what hurt this movie the most. Had it been a more unique story (but still felt like Independence Day), I don’t think it would have done as badly as it did. I still hope maybe there will be a third movie…it was left off on a bit of a cliff hanger and I want to see a redemption movie that comes back and does well. I guess we will see.


RATING: 3/5 ☆

That’s all I have for you tonight. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you thought of this movie.

Until next time!


Independence Day – Movie Review

Hello everybody!!

So before I get into this review, I am sure most of you saw on Twitter/Facebook, but I won NaNoWriMo again! I didn’t make a blog post about it because there isn’t much else to say. Now it’s time to get down to business and get this thing published. My New Years resolution is to publish in early 2017. Wish me luck. 🙂

On to the review!

*While I always attempt to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, if you haven’t seen Independence Day yet – go watch it and then come back to this review and see if we agree.*

I was 6 or 7 when Independence Day came out. I still remember watching it on VHS with my parents. I loved this movie. It was one of those movies I could watch over and over again when I was younger and never get tired of it. I had been wanting to add this movie to my collection, but decided to wait until I could get this and Independence Day: Resurgence (review for that tomorrow!) together. Luckily, it was my birthday a couple weeks ago and my hubby bought me the set. 🙂

Independence Day is your typical Sci-Fi, aliens invade Earth and attempt to destroy it. There is nothing spectacularly unique about the story line. What is super unique about it, in my opinion, is the character development which I find most films in today’s world lack. It truly felt like every character had a vastly different personality and purpose for the story. There wasn’t a single time I was confused about who was who.


There are so many quotable moments from this movie. I find the writing pretty fantastic. I laughed, I cried, and I shouted for joy – as I said, the plot is not super unique, but the character development is. The acting is phenomenal.

I’ve read a few reviews, and most of the negative criticism I see involves the likely-hood that some of the events would actually take place. All I have to say is, IT’S A SCI-FI MOVIE! It has aliens. I’m sorry, but last time I checked, aliens aren’t real, therefore, none of the events of the movie are particularly realistic. I find movie goers to be a little to quick to jump on the “this movie needs to be intellectually stimulating and accurate at all times,” bandwagon far too often. Take this movie for what it is. Good fun.


This might be a tiny spoiler…if you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest not reading this part.

I enjoy the fact that we see the aliens in this film. Far too often, all we get to see is the ship. I love the idea of knowing what the enemy looks like. I also am curious to know more about the alien race and why they are invading. It’s good to have a little insight into that, even if it isn’t all laid out for the viewers.


All in all, this is still a great movie. After all these years, I found myself just as invested and excited through the entire movie. I am able to look past all the flaws because this movie is just pure entertainment and fun.

RATING: 5/5 ☆


That’s all I have for you today. Stay tuned for my Independence Day: Resurgence review tomorrow. I hope you all have a great night.

Until next time!