The OA – TV Review

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Today’s blog is going to be a review on the Netflix original, The OA.This is going to be a super hard topic to type about without spoiling some things. If you want to see this show without any idea what the show is about, please watch it first and then return back to read this review.

The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net, I’d catch only beautiful things.

The OA was created and written by Brit Marling (who also stars as Prairie Johnson) and Zal Batmanglij. The trailer was actually released five days before the premiere on Netflix. It is an eight-part series that follows Prairie, a blind woman who has been missing for seven years and who has just returned home with her sight completely restored. She refuses to open up to her family or the FBI about what happened while she was gone.

We all died more times that I can count.

Prairie, aka “The OA,” recruits a group of five people from her hometown. Throughout the chapters (episodes), she explains that she was the subject of science experiments run by a gentleman I won’t name for spoiler sake. Slowly, pieces of this complex puzzle are revealed through each chapter, but with every answer comes another question.

Many are comparing this show to Stranger Things and Lost. I think these comparisons are justified but The OA went off in a direction I haven’t seen a show go, ever. Every time you feel like you’re beginning to understand, the rug is pulled out from underneath you.

To exist is to survive unfair choices.

The acting in this show is incredible. Prairie, aka “The OA,” is charming, terrifying, and mystical all at the same time. She made me uncomfortable and intrigued from the minute she showed up on screen. The rest of the cast was equally as fantastic. I’ve never seen a cast of characters have such diverse, interesting, and in the end super important roles. I don’t think the show could have worked without any of these characters and I think that takes some incredible acting ability to pull off. The backstories of each character were woven so intricately, that I was emotionally attached to them all by the second half of chapter one.

I can’t get into the story as much as I would like because I would spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. Although, I have to tell you, even if I spoiled it, I think you would still be left wondering what you just watched and craving more.

People who want power will always try to control those who truly posses it.

The OA is unnerving…feeling so realistic and, at the same time, impossible. Like when you wake up from a dream that felt so real, but you knew it was a dream. It takes you on a journey of mortality, truth, survival and hope. You’ll find yourself crying and frustrated, scratching your head as you learn more about The OA and her story…and when that last chapter ends, you’ll be itching to learn more.

RATING: 5/5 ☆

I am sure this type of show is not everyone’s cup of tea. I LOVED Lost and I know many who hated everything about it. If you enjoy a show that makes you work to figure out the answers, and sometimes doesn’t give you ones you are begging for, you will LOVE this show as much as I did. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that season two will be in the works soon!

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