Haters Gonna Hate

Hey all,

Two blog posts in one week? Whoa. Happy Friday! I haven’t written an advice piece in a while, but I feel like this is something I have learned over the course of writing my first novel and I’m hoping it might help someone else.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the perceptions other people have about my dream of being a full time writer. I know I have plenty of people cheering me on, but I am sure there are an equal number of people who think I’m wasting my time.

You see, when you chase a dream that isn’t part of the status quo, people just assume it’s so impossible, you will never make it.

You want to be a writer? Psh. You’ll never get published.

I am sure anyone pursuing an “out of the ordinary” career has run into less than supportive people.

It’s unfortunate, but at some point you’re just going to have to accept not everyone is on your side. And that’s okay. This negativity and hate could come from jealousy or just down right nastiness.

What matters is you and your dream. It is okay to be you. In fact, it’s awesome. Keep working at your dreams because we only get this one life, might as well live it being as happy as possible!

On another note, I have a three day weekend ahead of me. Lots of that time off will be spent writing, but I will also be enjoying time with the hubby and watching the Superbowl with my family.

I hope you chose to start making yourself happy instead of everyone else, and have a fantastic weekend doing something YOU think is worthwhile.

Until next time –



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