The 100 Seasons 1-3 – TV Review

Hi everyone, happy weekend! Tonight I thought I would do a review on a series I’ve been binge watching over the last few weeks – The 100. I’m going to do a review on all three seasons I’ve watched in this one blog. As always, I will try to avoid spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the show, I suggest watching first…especially since I will go into plot details for the second and third season.

Plot –
The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse wiped out almost all life on Earth. The only known survivors lived on twelve space stations in Earth’s orbit prior to the event. The space stations banded together to form “The Ark,” where about 2,400 people live under the Chancellor Jaha. Because resources are scarce, all crimes are punishable by ejection into space – “being floated” – unless the perpetrator is under the age of 18. When the Ark’s life support systems are found to be failing, 100 juvenile prisoners are declared “expendable” and sent to Earth to determine whether the surface is habitable.

Season 1
I’m impressed with just how real this show feels. It is very believable. When the 100 first land on the ground, their choices and the consequences of their choices are very realistic. These are teenagers, and the majority of them act like it. While there are a few “heroes” of the group, trying to make smart decisions, the rest of them live by the code of “whatever the hell we want,” because there aren’t any adults around to stop them.

In their attempt to find refuge and supplies in an old military station, Mount Weather, the teens discover that not all humanity was wiped out. I love the concept of the Grounders. They live in clans and base their lives around one code, “blood must have blood.” They follow their commander and are not swayed by emotions.

Much of this season is spent trying to figure out how to live with the Grounders and not piss them off…which for plot sake, doesn’t always work. The power struggle between the Grounders and the “sky people,” is very exciting to watch.

Season 2
Season two gives us a little more insight on Mount Weather because many of our main characters are taken in (captured) by the Mountain Men. It is revealed that this is a group of people who locked themselves away when the nuclear event happened.

I remember season two being stressful to watch. Not stressful in a bad way, but every time you think the characters are going to catch a break, something else happens and you’re left yelling at your TV.

This season was much more about survival vs morality. How far will you go to save the people you love? This question is pushed to the ultimate test and it’s interesting to see the events unfold. Similar to season one, the episodes are fast paced and every scene is meant to advance the plot forward. I never felt bored and I was always left wanting more.

Season 3
The third season is by far the most interesting when it comes to technology. Without spoiling too much, we are introduced to an A.I. and we learn more about why the nuclear apocalypse actually happened. This season was also great for providing more back story. We get sequences from when the nuclear bombs were launched, and we see some of our favorite main characters back on the Ark. Once again, this show doesn’t disappoint when it comes to action and constantly testing the survival vs morality concept, and now adding in an artificial intelligence aspect.

Overall Review –
The first three season of The 100 are incredible. This show has everything. There is a ton of fast paced action scenes intermingling with concepts of survival vs humanity, and some romance in between.

This show is a bit on the bloody/violent side… Okay, by “a bit,” I mean a lot. Guns, swords, acid gas – and much of the violence is very believable and sometimes difficult to watch. It didn’t stop me from enjoying the show, but it is something to point out. The show often forces its characters to decide between surviving and dying, with both options having detrimental consequences for their friends/loved ones. It forces the viewer to put themselves in the characters shoes and try to determine what you would do in that situation.

The characters are awesome. I’m impressed with the acting skills. Every character introduced has a clear role. The show is not afraid to kill off beloved characters to advance the plot, and it’s not afraid to break its viewer’s heart. There were a few times when I was brought to tears over a death.

There is some really interesting technological concepts, especially in the third season and I was pleasantly surprised with the advancement of the plot. Sometimes shows feel like they are packing stuff in just to keep the seasons coming, but this show feels like it’s advancing the way it should. With each new obstacle for our main characters to face, we see very interesting evolution’s of each of them.

I’m super excited to see season 4, and am very happy to read the show has been renewed for a season 5.

If you have seen The 100, I would love to hear your opinions!

RATING: 5/5 ☆

That’s all I have for you today. 🙂

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I hope you have a great weekend! You’ll be hearing from me again soon. I have a movie review planned and Sunday I will be posting the second installment of “Jessica’s Weekly Poetry Post,” so stay tuned!

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