Jessica’s Weekly Poetry Post

Hello everyone!

Back again with my weekly poetry post. This was another poem written for my creative writing class in college. We were supposed to place with spacing and punctuation. Unfortunately, this blog is not optimal for viewing how this piece actually looks (it looks better in word).

Enjoy 🙂

Tick Tock

The ticking
of the clock;
so painful to my ears.Constant noise…


(ticking like a bomb,
waiting to explode,
at the most opportune moment.)

It is so:
compared to fast-paced reality


Yet it flies by so fast…
in the blink of an eye
it can take away everything.

And if I tear the clock
off my wall and turn back the hands;
Will I turn back time?



That’s all I have for you today.

You can read Chapter One of Alter Reach here.

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I hope you have a great Sunday!

Until next time –


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