Jessica’s Monthly Goals 

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday!!!! I can’t express how happy I am, it has been a long week.

For this blog, I wanted to start something new. My plan is to tell you at the beginning of each month, 10 solid goals I would like to accomplish, and then at the end of the month, tell you if I succeeded or failed. I need a little bit more planning in my life if I ever want to accomplish the things I’ve set out to do. So, without further adieu, here’s my April Monthly Goals.

  1. Complete Camp NaNoWriMo. – I have a rough goal of 25,000 words, but my main goal is to finish Alter Reach.
  2. Post 3 blogs per week (including Jessica’s Weekly Poetry Post).
  3. Clean out/organize under my kitchen cupboards (yes, there will be non-writer goals!)
  4. Start looking into editors (if you have any suggestions, let me know!) and pricing out my options.
  5. Start looking into cover designers (if you have any suggestions, let me know!) and pricing out my options.
  6. Get some “professional” photos of myself taken. (By professional, I mean have my husband take some nice portraits of me.)
  7. Clean out/organize my closet and donate things I don’t need. 
  8. Go to Church every Sunday. 
  9. Update Twitter and Facebook more often. 
  10. Plan a nice Birthday for my hubby (his Birthday is the 27th!)

Okay, I think that’s a pretty solid list of writing and non-writer goals. Wish me luck in completing them!

That is all I have for you today.

You can read Chapter One of Alter Reach here.

As always, if you want to stay up to date with me, you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram @JessicaInspired, and like my facebook page.

Don’t forget to check out my review of Kong: Skull Island Review with my husband on YouTube!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time –


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