Passengers – Movie Review 

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This blog is going to be a review of the movie Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. I have to admit, I was so excited to see these two starring in a film together. I’m a big fan of both of their work. 

Per usual, I’m going to try to keep this spoiler free but I’d suggest you watch the movie before reading this. 

Synopsis (Taken from

A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.

I had high expectations and hopes for this movie. The trailer looked pretty cool, I am a fan of both actors, so I thought it would be pretty great. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Now before I get into it, I’ll start off by saying this wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen but I was left feeling like if I never saw it again, I wouldn’t be depriving myself of anything.

I’ll start with some of the good parts. The movie is very pretty. The CGI and scenes of space are super appealing and for the most part, believable. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt do pretty well given the material they had to work with. I don’t blame either actors for the weakness of this movie. 

The outside look of the ship was pretty unique and cool looking. My husband disagrees, but I thought the inside and some of the technology used on the ship was fun as well. 

Alright, on to the bad. 

My biggest issue with this film was that it felt like two different movies that they tried to combine into one. The trailer teased this as a romance, scifi action movie. The movie focused so long on the romance (almost 1.5 hours of the 2 hours mocie), that when things finally started getting interesting, it felt like the writers just threw a bunch of things in at the last minute to make it “exciting.”

I felt like there were moments when the writers added things to cover up plot holes. The ending was rushed and predictable. I barely cared about the characters (again, I don’t think that was Lawrence or Pratt’s fault…the story has to hold your interest as well as the actors). 

The other big issue I had was the over sexualized nature of it. There are two times that I can think of where you see Chris Pratt’s naked behind for no doesn’t move the plot forward, it just makes the girls in the audience swoon. 

The pace is very slow, like I stated earlier. After an hour of the two main characters (Spoiler alert…kind of) flirting, screwing, and being mad at each other, I felt myself wondering when the movie would actually become interesting. By the time the action started, I was already over the movie. 

Wrap up

Like I said, the movie wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen…but I definitely won’t be buying the DVD and watching it over again. Which is such a shame given how excited I was to see it. I’m glad I didn’t see it in theaters and waited to rent it. 

RATING: 3/5 ☆
 That is all I have for you today. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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I hope you have a great rest of your week, I will write to you soon. 😊

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3 thoughts on “Passengers – Movie Review 

  1. I’ve heard very similar reviews, and after reading the complete synopsis I decided not to head to the cinema to see it. I’ll probably watch it in the future at some point because I can’t resist a sci-fi, but it certainly sounds like it doesn’t deserve my money!

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