Jessica’s Weekly Poetry Post #8

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

I wrote this poem 10 years ago, and I’m pretty sure I was mad at someone. Allpoetry also allows its members to run contests and enter contests – this was a poem written off the word bank provided by the contest maker.

The word bank used in case you’re interested:


Enjoy 🙂


The Masquerade

The desolation and misery you’re feeling now,
has all been caused by your obsession with yourself.
All your stories of the different things you’ve done,
are all fabrications, you can never tell the truth.

Your mind is tainted now; you think the lies are true.
It’s all just a mirage – reality becomes distorted now.
Maybe the memories are too much for you to handle.
Maybe that’s why you’re constantly intoxicated by deceit.

When I am around you, I feel like I’m in a masquerade,
where you’re forced to where a mask to hid the shame.
You pretend to be someone I know you never wanted to be,
and I wonder if you’ll ever remove your disguise.

Your old friends are beginning to call you a renegade,
because all you ever want is the attention on you.
Everyone knows you’re a fraud; your life is fake.
Soon you’ll become a fatality that no one will remember.

Your life is so chaotic, or so you say to all around you.
Everyone knows it’s all for the attention you think you lack.
You’re so corrupt now; all you do is perjure yourself.
Your falseness will soon become your demise.

When the truth and lies collide,
What will the outcome be?
Revenge or forgiveness?


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