10 Cloverfield Lane – Movie Review

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Happy Tuesday! I only have one more day of work until my mini vacation with the hubby for his Birthday. I am excited! Not only will I be spending quality time with Paul, I will also be writing and finishing up some of the goals I set for myself.

Today’s blog is going to be a review of 10 Cloverfield Lane which I re-watched last night in preparation. I saw this movie in theaters back when it was released, but I haven’t written a review. Time to change that.

As always, watch the movie before you read the review. I won’t deliberately try to spoil anything, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Enjoy 🙂

10 Cloverfield Lane


Following a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), awakens in the basement of a fallout shelter of a conspiracy-crazed man, Howard (John Goodman), who claims to have saved her from the crash and informs her that a chemical attack has devastated the surrounding area, rendering the outside world uninhabitable. Emmett (John Gallager Jr.), is also in the shelter, and corroborates this version of events.


This is a semi-sequel to Cloverfield, which I will be reviewing soon (possibly tomorrow). It’s presented in third-person unlike Cloverfield, which was a found-footage style movie. Now, when I say “semi-sequel,” I really mean it. It would be a mistake to think you’re going into to watch a sequel to Cloverfield. This is very different. It’s much more confined and claustrophobic, with some incredible character development. It will constantly have you questioning everything.

What makes this film so interesting is how plausible the entire situation is. The acting has you feeling like this could really happen. It’s tense. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, you start doubting again. The directing of this film is pretty incredible. It’s paced just right – it lets you get a little comfortable, just to throw another curve ball at you.

Crazy is building your ark after the flood has already come.

Let’s talk about the actors for a little bit. John Goodman. I can pretty much leave it at that. He is INCREDIBLE. In one scene, he’ll leave you feeling uncomfortable and in the next scene, he will appear rational and friendly. This movie toys with you the entire way through. Is he crazy or is he the only one who knows what is up? I’ve said this before, if I had to pick a favorite actor, he would be it.

How do you know that this is real?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is also very, very good in this film. She is constantly on edge and her performance is so incredibly believable. Her character isn’t stupid. She’s constantly questioning, constantly paying attention, and even when you think she is getting complacent, she surprises you with new bravery. She is always thinking a couple moves ahead. I’d give Winstead’s performance an A+ in this movie for sure.

Howard’s like a black-belt in conspiracy theory. Plus, how often do you get to build a doomsday bunker?

John Gallager Jr. gave a pretty good performance as well. The fact that Emmett isn’t a very fleshed out character isn’t really Gallager’s fault. The movie is mainly about Howard and Michelle. Emmett is unfortunately just a filler character needed for some of the plot.

The visuals of this move are pretty fantastic. You never feel like you’re getting the same shot twice, which is pretty impressive given the tight quarters the majority of the movie is shot in. The angles and different shots really help that claustrophobic/paranoid feel it wants you to get while watching.

People are strange creatures. You can’t always convince them that safety is in their best interest.

The one con to this movie that I have heard and read is the name Cloverfield giving an unrealistic idea that this movie is going to feature the same things the original movie featured. Here’s the deal, as I said earlier, if you go into this movie expecting an action packed, monster attacking a city movie – you’re going to be disappointed. This is a semi-sequel, not a direct sequel. I’m interested to see where this franchise goes.

Wrap Up:

Overall, this is in my top favorite movies. I can’t get over how fantastic it is, and I could re-watch it again tonight without being bored. If you haven’t seen it – go watch it. It’s definitely worth your time.

RATING: 5/5 ☆

Let me know what you thought of 10 Cloverfield Lane in the comments below. Stay tuned for my review of Cloverfield, coming soon!

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