Jessica’s Weekly Poetry Post #10

Happy Sunday! I’m hoping to get two or three blogs out this week. I’ve been super busy setting up our fish tank 😁

This poem is very personal and I thought it was fitting since Mother’s Day is next weekend. I’ll probably go into more detail about the situation eventually, but for now, enjoy. 😊

18 Years

I’m four years old,
playing with my barbies,
you’re right there,
pretending along with me.

Giggling and laughing,
about the party Barbie
and Ken are having in
their brand new house.

I’m fourteen now,
and in my freshmen year.
I don’t know how,
those boys could be so mean.

Picked on, teased,
I come home in tears.
You’re right there waiting,
to make me feel better.

I’m seventeen now,
ready to take on the road.
“You’ll do great,”
you always believed in me.

A year later, 
I passed my road test.
“Mom, I’m a licensed driver!”
You were always so proud.

I’m eighteen now, 
and you’re sick…
“It’s incurable cancer…”
the day my world fell apart.

August 16th 2008,
the day you slipped away.,
and heaven got an angel.

Rest in peace mom. I love you.

You can read Chapter One of Alter Reach here.

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Until next time –


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