The Secret Life of Pets – Movie Review 

Hello everyone! A little hiatus but I am back and ready to post frequently again!

My husband and I watched The Secret Life of Pets the other night and I really wanted to review it. Per usual, I will try to avoid spoilers but it’s best you see the movie before reading the review. Enjoy 🙂 

The Secret Life of Pets – Review 

Louis C.K. plays Max, an adorable dog who starts off the movie explaining how his owner, Katie (Ellie Kemper), is practically his soul mate. To him, their bond is unbreakable. That is until she brings home Duke (played by Eric Stonestreet). Max’s initial reaction is jealously, hilariously displayed, as he attempts to make Duke look like a crazy animal by breaking things around the house. This inevitably is interrupted when Duke and Max find themselves out on the street, and eventually in the back of a animal control vehicle. That is until, Snowball (Kevin Hart) enters the picture and craziness ensues. 

This movie really hit the mark for me. It delivers brilliantly with visuals, jokes, action sequences and full-on silliness. First of all, the acting is on point. There wasn’t a misplaced joke in the entire movie. I’m sure some will disagree, because this is technically a kids movie, and the jokes are a little adult sometimes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found myself laughing, and then laughing harder as the humor kept piling on. 

The visuals and sequences in the movie are fantastic. I’m not an expert in animated movies, but this really impressed me. Sometimes the scenes looked so real, I was almost fooled. The action packed sequences drove the plot forward, with small breaks of quieter scenes to bring the focus back in. I was very impressed. 

The story line and dialogue were genuine and hysterical. The movie knew when to make you laugh, cry and gasp while telling a super compelling story that I think will take a couple watch throughs to really get the full effect. 

I recommend this movie. I drew some comparisons to Zootopia, but I found this movie great enough to stand out on it’s own. It packed in all the criteria to make a great movie. It’s definitely a kids movie with some jokes meant to make the adults laugh. 

RATING: 5/5 ☆

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