Heading Home!

Hey everyone,

Wanted to check in with another quick post. Sadly, our vacation has come to an end, and we are currently 23 minutes from home. On the plus side, we still have tomorrow off, so I’m not terribly sad, yet. Haha.

Syracuse was fantastic. While not an obvious choice for a vacation spot, it had a ton of great things. Our first adventure was getting brunch at a place called Funk ‘N Waffles. I believe it is a music venue at night, but they serve all sorts of waffles all day. You can get anything on the waffle. I have to admit, it wasn’t the greatest place I’ve eaten, but it was fun.

The big pull to the area is Destiny USA (Destiny Mall), which is a massive, 4 story mall. It was sweet. We spent the majority of Saturday there, wandering around.

We ate at Dave & Busters, which, if you aren’t familiar, is a restaurant with a bar and an arcade. We were under the impression that it was an adults only place, but were mistaken. It was still a fun time and I dominated at skeeball!

Our Best Western hotel room was fantastic. King size with a Jacuzzi

Day 2 was equally as fun. We started our day off at the Rosamond Giffard Zoo. It was your typical zoo, but the weather was beautiful and it was a ton of fun.

We took a quick pit stop at Onandoga Lake. There wasn’t a ton to do there, aside from a skate park and some volleyball, but the lake was pretty.

We headed back to Destiny Mall and ate dinner at Margarittaville. Great food, fun atmosphere. Definitely recommend it.

Last event of the evening was the Yellow Brick Road Casino. If you know me at all, you know that The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie, and this casino was a Wizard of Oz themed casino! We lost, but it was great!

Our final day in Syracuse (today) was a beach day. We went to this fantastic park called Green Lake State Park. It is so beautiful there. If you’re ever in the Syracuse area, definitely check it out.

I had a great time with my hubby this weekend. Not looking forward to going back to reality, but on the plus side, that won’t be until Wednesday. I hope you all have enjoyed the past few days.

If you want to see any photos, I posted some on Instagram and Twitter: @jessicainspired

I’m almost finished with another book, so expect a review soon. 😊

Until next time –



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