Area 51 – Movie Review

Hey there! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I’m definitely not ready for tomorrow to be Monday, but such is life.

I decided to scroll through Amazon Prime Video, because I don’t normally check there and wanted to see if there was anything different to watch. I was in the mood for something scary. I’m not sure why I picked this movie, since it had a two star rating. It was directed by the same person who directed Paranormal Activity. Side note, I enjoyed the Paranormal Activity movies up until the last one. And by enjoy, I mean, they are guilty pleasure movies, I watched because I was invested. I don’t mind found footage movies (huge fan of Cloverfield), so I thought I’d give this one a try.

Cue the face-palm.

(I will do my best not to spoil, but it’s best you watch the movie and then come back to this.)


Three young conspiracy theorists attempt to uncover the mysteries of Area 51, the government’s top secret location rumored to have hosted encounters with alien beings. Chaos ensues.


As mentioned earlier, this is a found footage style film that starts out with three friends going to a party. One of the friends, Reid, goes missing and then in typical horror movie fashion, pops up in front of the car of his leaving buddies not quite looking the same.

Three months later, the three amigos plan a trip to Vegas where they are set to meet a girl, Jelena, who is supposed to help them infiltrate Area 51.

Because we can’t have a movie without naked women, the three friends stop off at the Hooters Casino first, and we get to watch awkward, uuncomfortable lap dances.

One of my many, complaints about this film is that it is a “slow burn” horror movie without the character and plot development that should be happening. Note that I’ve only named two of the four main characters so far. This is because I can’t remember the other two character’s names. While I can look it up, I’m doing this on purpose. If the audience doesn’t care about the characters before the chaos, then they aren’t going to care when the climax hits.

The first hour of this movie is spent on preparation – scenes of the boys getting their materials together, scouting the location, dealing with security, etc. There isn’t an ounce of tension for the longest time…I almost shut it off. The entire hour of set up could have been cut to five minutes.

There is a mildly entertaining window of time in the beginning where the boys interview the locals about the alien legend. But these characters are not memorable. It only slightly increased my interest in the plot.

In the last half hour, Reid, Jelena and Darrin (I looked up the names finally), make their way through security and inside area 51. Ben stays behind as the getaway driver.

They eventually find a lab, where things get a little more interesting. The last few minutes of the movie are the most tense, but, I have to admit, it was laughable. If you’re going to do an alien horror movie, you might try to make things more real looking.

Of course, the ending is left open. We don’t really get closure. But, as stated earlier, I really didn’t care about the characters, so I wasn’t too worried about what happened to them.

This was a very low budget film, with a boring, predictable plot and paper-thin characters. With the low stars, I should have known better but since I’m a secret fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise, I thought this might be a little better. My bad.

RATING: 1/5 ☆

Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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