BLOG TOUR | Street Cat Blues – Alison O’Leary

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Today is my spot on the blog tour for Street Cat Blues

After spending several months banged up in Sunny Banks rescue centre, Aubrey, a large tabby cat, has finally found his forever home with Molly and Jeremy Goodman and life is looking good.

However, all that changes when a serial killer begins to target elderly victims in the neighbourhood. Aubrey wasn’t particularly upset by the death of some of the previous victims, including Miss Jenkins whom Aubrey recalls as a vinegar-lipped bitch of an old woman who enjoyed throwing stones at cats, but Mr Telling was different. Mr Telling was a mate…

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Oh my, I loved this book so much. I’ve never read a story quite like it and I was totally invested from the beginning!

Our MC is Aubrey, a cat, who has to become a detective, which is just an idea that I absolutely loved. He was so convincing, I found myself forgetting he was a cat.

I’m really impressed with Street Cat Blues. Alison O’Leary has created an amazing novel with unique ideas that I haven’t read before. I cannot wait to read more by her. Highly recommended!



I was born in London and spent my teenaged years in Hertfordshire where I spent large amounts of time reading Agatha Christie novels and avoiding school. Failing to gain any qualifications in Science whatsoever, the dream of being a forensic scientist crashed and burned when a careers teacher suggested that I might like to work in a shop. Later studying Law, I decided to teach rather than go into practice and have spent many years working as a college lecturer teaching mainly Criminal Law to adults and young people.

I live on the south coast with my husband John and cat Archie. When not writing I enjoy crosswords, walking by the sea and drinking wine. Not necessarily in that order.

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